Swimming Pool Heat Pump to keep your pool hot during winter

Swimming Pool Heat PumpIn the winter, it is impossible to enter in the swimming pool without installing a heater. Swimming pool heat pump is totally eco friendly and it has huge energy efficiency power capacity. When you plan to install a heater in your swimming pool, it is suggested to buy the best one which provides all the facilities and heating system at an affordable range.

How does it work?

Swimming pool heat pump works in a different manner and basically it is based on a reverse cycle technology. This pump absorbs the outside heat from the surrounding area of swimming pool. After getting the ambient heat from outside it is restored with the refrigerant gas. Then the compressor creates pressure on the heating chambers and transfers the heat through a titanium pipe line to the swimming pool. It does not work as an electrical pump and there are no chances for electrical short circuits also. This heat exchange technology can save more energy and perform almost six times better than an electrical pump.

Swimming pool heat pump: fact and features

This heat pump works on an eco friendly technology. In the winter season, some countries like, Australian and European cities become very cold and it is very difficult to heat the swimming pool water for a long time. But now it is possible because these swimming pool pumps are very efficient. They can perform at 6.0 as the COP level under the air temperature of 27 degree centigrade.

  • These pumps can reduce the running cost at the ultimate level. If you install the pump in your swimming pool then you can save more that 80% running cost.
  • They have total noise resistant capacity and the maximum noise level of this pump is 40 decibels. So there is no chance to create any disturbance and you do not face any complaints from your neighbours.
  • The quality of these pumps is very good and they are durable.
  • The titanium pipelines are totally rust resistant and they are manufactured by Japanese and European technology.
  • Along with that, these heat pumps can also be available for commercial purposes. They have a strong control panel. You can control the water flow capacity.
  • They have a powerful compressor which can perform for a long time and create huge air pressure throughout the day.

The installation and warranty period:

Installing of these pumps is very easy and it requires some pressure pipes and fittings only. But if you want to use your installed filter pump then you need some valves for bypassing and isolating process. For the electrical wire and fittings, you need to hire an electrician. You can set a separate suction zone for your pump and you need to install a circular pump only. All these jobs can be done by an electrician within a short time.

Pumps come with their warranty period and it is suggested to read the terms and condition carefully. If your product arrives in damaged condition then you can replace it. If the pump gets damaged by any accidental or natural disaster or improper handling then it cannot be replaced.